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Wallety.org | multi-chain web 3 analytics service

Dear Community,

It is with great excitement that I write this announcement that we at Wallety are launching our beta analytics site !

Wallety is a multi-chain web 3 analytics service that’s goal is to give users a free and simple way of looking into the blockchain. After all, what’s the point of transparency when YOU can’t see what’s going on ! In this release we are launching our Polkadot and Kusama wallet analytic explorers.

In the future we plan to get as many data points for users as we can on multiple blockchains to allow users to see what’s going on without sifting through thousands of transactions.

Watch this space ! We have a lot of features planned that we think will transform how you view a blockchain.

Go to Wallety.org and let us know what you think on Twitter !

Lorimer Jenkins

Founder Wallety.org



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